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An encounter between word and sculpture.

Katrin Dekoninck is an all-round artist who poignantly reveals humanity in all his facets. Although skilled in the arts of drawing, painting and hand-made animation, in this publication Katrin puts the spotlight on clay sculptures which in all serenity and simplicity are "infused with breath".

Steven Van Der Heyden attempts to use words to paint a picture of his internal world of thought. To him these are expressions of creative capacity. Emerging out of interaction with Katrin's sculptures, his poetry seeks to open a door towards dialogue and anchoring.

Together both artists create an inseparable connection between themes such as "loneliness" and "transience".

The meeting has been beautifully captured by photographer Stef De Belder.

Title: Breath
Subtitle: Een ontmoeting tussen woord en beeld
Price: € 24,95

Published by stichting Kunstboek

Sculptures/creations: Katrin Dekoninck
Poetry/reflections: Steven Van Der Heyden
Photography: Stef De Belder

The book will be released to the public mid januari 2018 at Gallery Dessers in Leuven. There will also be an exposition of Katrin's work.

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more info about r: Steven Van Der Heyden: www.stevenvanderheyden.be

December 2017:  Release ArtbBook BREATH

With Katrin Dekoninck and Steven Van Der Heyden.


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