With her work, she invites people to look differently or more intense at the world around us. In all her works, she observes people in all their weaknesses and reveal a profoundly sad side. To her, the world is not what it seems and so she searches, probe and unravel until she revealed the essence.

Her themes are deeply human and highlight all hidden traits: shame, frustration, anger, anxiety, arrogance, pain, jealousy, doubt... Often, she reflect these feelings through strange behavioural patterns that should hold up a mirror to spectators and confront them with their own vulnerability.

Apart from such intimate subjects, she also tries to address social issues, for instance by setting up installations reflecting a theme, situation or social problem.


Katrin Dekoninck - Tearing Faces (full film) from Alexander Delport on Vimeo.



Pictures vernissage 2018